The music I’ve been working on over the last year is focused on hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and related gear. I’ve been recording live jams of the music, which you can watch on my YouTube page:

My completed albums from the last few years are all available for listening and purchase over at my Bandcamp page. The newest is an album of ambient works entitled One day it will all make sense. Take a listen.

There is also one vocal EP:

This particular EP, Wellspring, got a hilarious and awesome review over at the Georgia Straight.

I’m constantly working on music in my free time (and sometimes not-free time), and I probably won’t be satisfied until I’m doing scores and original soundtracks for video games or movies or something.


Older music of mine:

  • I’m enormously proud of being the singer/keyboarder/guitarer/recorder in Quiet Kids. Take a list to Relationship Material and Serious Lovers.
  • I was privileged and thankful to be a band member, co-producer, faux-engineer, and mixer for Minor Moon’s stellar A Whisper, A Shout. It’s beautiful music. Go Sammy!
  • I’ve had the honour of recording and performing tracks for the first couple of records for Chris Gilligan’s musical project, Closed Captioned. I “played” drums on, and mixed, his new EP, The More Things Change.
  • Mark Meeks’ mid-2000s zombie musical, Rigor Mortis Got Me Down, was a blast to record and perform. Take a listen to a song or watch the whole live performance!
  • I played bass and sang harmonies for a year in Jenny Ritter’s live band.

In 2001 I graduated from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, with a diploma in Music Industry Arts: Recorded Music Production.  This is a very long way of saying I went to audio recording school.


“Don’t talk to me about simple things.  There’s no such thing.  All a man can build is his vision, and I love my man for trying.” – Contantines, Shine A Light